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Is your skin care routine boring?

Have you ever found yourself down a rabbit hole on the internet 'adding to cart' all the shiny skincare products you have seen 'that girl on the gram' using, hoping it will do what she says it did for her.

When it arrives you add it to your overflowing drawer in your bathroom with the rest of the "hope in a bottle" you have tried over the years.

Im here to say, girl you gotta stop!

When i get the privilege to treat clients at Bloom, its the ones who have a long list of products across different brands that have the most damaged skin, why is this? Because everyday, morning and night, we are layering a raft of barrier disturbing ingredients made up from different cosmetic chemistries, fighting for our skins attention, to our skin in the hope its going to 'fix' us.

I get it, its bloody confusing out there, we are exposed to so many different products and recommendations i can see how its tempting to want to try something new, especially when what we are using isn't giving us the results we desire.

I have a truth bomb for you, having healthy skin and a solid skincare routine that is actually serving your skin is BORING AF!

Im not joking when i say i have stuck to the same 4-5 step routine for the past 3 years, the bottles don't have a pretty label, they have no smell or fancy packaging but what they lack aesthetically boy do they make up for in what they deliver.

No BS just ingredients that are actually serving my skin and able to create change. The silver lining from my boring routine is that i have the ability to customise my products, because our skin does change and so does its needs, so its important that i am able to cater to what it needs during times of change. I can do this without having to reach for products from different brands and start some type of crazy chemist in my bathroom, i can do it safely and effectively.

Moral of the story - consistency is key. Save yourself the time and the money and lets get your routine serving your skin!

Ash x

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