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What is Skin Needling?

When used intelligently, skin needling is the number 1 skin rejuvenation treatment.

A minimally invasive procedure, skin needling or microneedling uses a device containing 6, 32 gauge, sterile needles to puncture the epidermis and/or dermis. The process ensures the skin does not suffer open wounds and epithelial function is restored quickly, such that the treatment requires only a very short regeneration phase. This procedure activates the skin‘s natural regenerative processes to stimulate growth factors essential for collagen synthesis.
At Bloom we are dedicated to continued education for the correct and latest techniques as well as 'above and beyond'  hygiene procedures to ensure you are receiving the gold standard in needling treatments.

Geared with the right knowledge we are able to read your skin to target specific depths stimulating desired growth factors for treating your concerns, no two treatments will be the same. Having strong knowledge and understanding of how the skin functions and what ingredients it requires means we can safely apply actives post-treatment and recommend products for you take home to continue achieving amazing results.

Bloom can treat multiple skin conditions such as; acne/skin congestion, lines, wrinkles, UV damage, pigmentation, visible capillaries, enlarged pores, rosacea, scarring and stretch marks to name but a few.

A comprehensive consultation is required before treatment.


Can I have Skin Needling straight away?

Skin needling is not a starting point for your skin journey. We want to achieve the best possible results for you and get the absolute best we can from each treatment. This means we require you to have a comprehensive skin analysis using our Observ skin diagnostic tool to assess your skin on a cellular level and discover exactly what is going on within your skin, this gives us the opportunity to create a specific and individualised plan for your skin. It is very important to us that you get the best results so we are very thorough.

A dedicated homecare routine is vital to pre-treating and looking after your skin post-treatment, feeding the skin topically and internally is key to success and results. We will talk you through what is required to get the best results from your treatment with skincare products from the Dermaviduals range and internal supplement support.

A course of treatments is always recommended for best results, depending on your goals and skin condition will reflect how many treatments are required. This will be discussed at the time of your initial consultation. 

Does it hurt?

We choose to not use a toxic topical anesthetic and numbing creams due to their negative side effects - these products can interfere with the results and indicators we are looking for during treatment and have a negative impact on the skin which will mean we won't achieve the best results possible for you.

Instead, we have a fast and effective technique to trick the nerves and deliver a comfortable treatment. To say there is zero pain involved would be misleading but the treatment is very tolerable and with the state of the art equipment we use makes treatment very quick.

Will I need to take time off work afterwards?

Absolutely not, this treatment has very minimal downtime, you will be pink/flushed for around 12-24 hours post-treatment with the majority of the inflammation-reducing within the first few hours post-treatment.

Sun exposure will need to be avoided for a period post-treatment. A full rundown on what is required post-treatment will be discussed with you.

What device does Bloom use?

Exceed by Amiea Med is a medical microneedling device with all of the industry approvals required. Exceed is FDA approved as a class 2 medical device, clinically proven to treat scaring, in particular, to reduce the depth of scars and to normalise the skin structure. It also boasts CE and ISO certifications. Locally it is listed in Australia with the TGA as a class 2b medical device (ARTG: 315425) and it is Medsafe listed in New Zealand.

Exceed medical device has variable needle depths and speeds. We have advanced certificate training which is updated annually, due to the speed at which this treatment technology and research moves it is vital we are current with our training and equipment. We take time to read the skin and target specific cells for your individual skin concerns, we don't practice 'deeper is better' as every skin responds differently. Having a device that allows for different speeds and depths we are able to provide the most precise, effective and comfortable treatment. 

What happens during my appointment?

Your appointment will include a session with our Celluma LED light therapy device to 'charge' your skin in preparation for needling, think of it like having a great nights sleep and being full of energy when you wake up, you're so much more productive, this is exactly the same for your skin cells. The LED is also very relaxing so a great way to start.

Hygiene is very important to us at Bloom, before we start the needling itself we create a sterile field and ensure everything is carefully prepared to the highest standard. The needling itself takes around 30 minutes and includes your full face and neck Once the needling is finished we then apply the award-winning epi-nouvelle+ naturelle sheet mask (valued at $45) to cool, protect and soothe your skin post-treatment, due to the mask being completely sterile and corneotheraputic it is the perfect accompaniment to a needling service, this mask is able to be taken home with you and reapplied for up to four hours after first opening for continued support when you get home.

After your treatment full home care instructions are given and we will make you a follow up appointment for your complimentary post needling Enzyme Therapy Facial (valued at $75) somewhere between day 4-7 following initial treatment. 

We take skin seriously and have put together this treatment for serious skin-saving. As you can see this isn't a treatment we do to just anybody at any time and it's important you are a suitable candidate so we can determine that we are going to achieve results, hence why a full consultation with a pre-treatment plan is required prior.

How often can I have needling treatments?

This varies from client to client but on average we treat anywhere from 4-8 weekly, this very much depends on the individual and will be discussed during your consultation.

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